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The Children of ["Stubborn"] Eris:

"Hateful Eris gave birth to painful Distress and Distraction and Famine and tearful Sorrow; also Wars and Battles and Murders and Slaughters; also Feuds and Lying Words and Angry Words; also Lawlessness and Madness - two sisters that go together - and the Oath, which, sworn with willful falsehood, brings utter destruction on men."

-Hesiod, Theogony

"Strife [Eris] is the only one of the children of Night who produces further children of her own. This distinction is due partly to the prominence of Strife in Hesiod's view of the universe, and partly due to the nature of the children of Strife. In contrast with the children of Night, who represent inevitable limitations and evils in human life, the offspring of Strife are man-made; they are the result of human actions inspired with the spirit of Strife. They, like the children of Night, fall into three groups. In the first group Strife is presented as causing an interruption in economic productivity, and consequently brining Distress, Famine, and Sorrow [and Distraction]. In the second group Strife is presented as the cause of armed conflict [War, Battle, Murder, Slaughter, Feud]; the third group shows Strife as the cause of legal problems and the perversion of justice [Lying and Angry Words, Lawlessness, Madness, and the Oath]."

-Norman O. Brown, Appendix to the Theogony
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