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The Ninja Cometh. . .

I was quietly enjoying a burger and fries when the ninja first made his appearance.

Usually, I wouldn't make a big deal about this, but this ninja was tiny. He couldn't have been more than three feet tall, and he was sneaking around the restaurant looking for his target. He was currently hiding behind a short wall, and looking for something on his person.

Out of his pocket, he drew a shiruken. The tiny star flashed in the flourecent light of the restaurant, and I knew that the ninja had found his target.

He peaked out from behind the wall, looking hard at his target, who seemed to be an adult male. (This man was also enjoying a burger and fries, but a shake as well. Obviously, it was for this final offense that the ninja had chosen this target.)

With a shout of "Banzai!" the little ninja jumped from behind the wall, flinging his shiruken at the target. I watched, enraptured as the throwing star flew through the air, and was surprised to see that the man had managed to dodge this first attack.

But the ninja, wanting to be sure of his kill, had already drawn his sword and was running toward the enemy. With a final cry of "I'm gonna get you!" (strangely out of character for a ninja, I thought), he brought his katana down on his target, cracking hard on the shoulder.

The man's eyes grew wide, and his hand flew to his wound. He grasped his shoulder, and fell over onto the bench, eyes closed.

For a moment, the ninja stood, dominant, over his target.

Then the ninja seemed uncertain. He stepped closer to his victim, apparently to make sure he was dead.

Just then, the man's eyes opened, and he caught the ninja in a giant bear hug, pulling him close and shouting, "Ha! Now who's winning?"

The man and his son, the ninja, began the most boisterous, animated tickle-fight I believe I have ever seen.

Gods, I hope one day I can be that cool.
Tags: amusement, ninja, writings

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