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Lunchtime thoughts. . .

I had three thoughts at lunch today, and I thought I would share:


I would not support just pulling out of Iraq completely. It would be like practicing coitus interruptus and then, nine months later, saying, "I didn't create that baby! I pulled out just in time!"

Of course, given this administration's theories on birth control, it might just believe that coitus interruptus is more effective than condoms, too.


I saw a bunch of Kerry supporters on the Oval today. They were stumping for their candidate.

All I could think was, "Damn, you bastards should be registering people to vote, not telling them how to vote."


I'd never leave ADF. You couldn't pay me. Honestly, no matter how screwed up this place is, no matter how many crazy relations this extended family of Druids has, I still love it. Maybe that reflects on my own mental state?
Tags: activism, adf, amusement
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