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And We all swore that if we ever got rich, we would pay the mini-mart back!

So, yeah. Long day today. I have to create my handouts for the workshop on making runes (want the notes, Judi?) and prepare for the Buffett Ritual (text of ritual) at Summerland. Let me tell you, this is gonna be a hell of a lot of work for the weekend. If I look stressed, just ignore me :)

I have to go down to Yankee Trader to get an inflatable palm tree (here's hoping that they have them), and I have to hit up some supermarkets to get a couple coconuts. And I need a hula girl (you know, the kind that sits on your dashboard?) for the ritual as well.

I'm thinking about selling the liturgies for the Buffett ritual to re-coup some money for the Grove. Maybe $1 apiece. Haven't decided yet.

Oh, and here's something cool: I have access to the ADF website now, and I've been learning how to upgrade it. Anthony's walked me through some of it, but the most important thing I did recently was update the training section. If you read it, you can see that we've actually got people enrolled in what many have called our "Mythical" Study Program. It's no longer mythical, and the proof is in the pudding.

Whatever that means.


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