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Oh, what a busy month May is. . .

Have I been in a funk lately? No, not really. But I do need to thank _midnightmuse_ for making me laugh this morning.

But I have been very busy. So busy that I haven't had time to do all the things I want/need to do, which are many.

The weather looks real bad for RenFest tomorrow, but that's okay. So we get wet. Who am I to complain about wet wenches?

No, I don't know yet whether Outland is a possibility tonight. I won't know until after work. If anyone really wants to go, leave me a comment and I'll let you know when I know.

Oh, and I have a new office. I've been offline for much of the last couple days because of the move. healing_coyote, you'll recognize my new office as Gary's old office.

I've been sleeping in odd places for the past few days: Tues. night was the basement, Wed. night was the couch, and Thursday night was the couch. I wonder: where will I sleep tonight?

This weekend will, officially, be the craziest I've had in a while.

Tomorrow is the Ohio State University's Renaissance Faire, then tosk's handfasting/wedding/Discordian-party-thing. (Speaking of, tosk, did you decide on whether the jousting will be participatory, or just spectator?) On Sunday, the Grove has a ritual, after which I'm potentially going down to perlgirlju's 30 acres of land and chopping down a tree, and then going to see the movie Miracle with her.


My schedule for May (after this weekend) is kinda like this:

May 6: depart Columbus at 11:25 AM on Southwest Flight 1825, fly non-stop to Phoenix, AZ (where I arrive at 12:50 PM), to be met in the terminal by qorinda with see through blouse, short, short skirt, and long red hair, holding a sign saying "Sexy Senior Druid of Three Cranes, you're party is waiting!"

Following that, I will be hitching a ride with qorinda to Tucson where I will attend Desert Magic Festival.

May 8: At 11:30 AM, I'm giving a presentation entitled "Continental Celtic Deities" for DMF.

May 9: Hitch a ride back to Phoenix for my flight back to Columbus (3:55 PM, flight 2428), where I will probably not be met with a similar sign when I land (11:30 PM).

May 21: Fly into Kansas City (MCI) on Southwest flight 1063 at 9:20 AM after a hellish run across Midway Airport in Chicago. Stepping off the plane, I pray that I will be met with copius boobies. If things go my way (and they do every so often, but my fingers remain crossed for this), I'll get to spend some time with interesting people from my friends list who live in KC until my mother and brother fly in at 6:25 PM. That's 9 hours, guys. Can we figure something out?

May 22: Attend my Uncle's wedding. He's cool, so this should be pretty simple. Apparently, I'm to be reading scriptures at this shindig, so I'm looking forward to trying out some good Biblical name mis-pronounciations.

May 23: Try to have dinner with a few KC people before I fly out at 7:30 PM on Southwest Flight 698. Arrive in Columbus at 11:30 PM, and collapse on the bed so I can go to work the morning after.

May 27: Drive up to Brushwood for Wellspring. I'll be camping next to the Hardware Store in the field, because I rather like the windblock it creates (and the bit 'o shade I get, too). I'll be mellowing out for the entire weekend.

If you are on my friends list and will be there, you damn well better come find me. *grins* Not a threat, just a statement. Read it as you will :)

May 31: Come back to Columbus in dire need of a shower and a bed. Look forward to a more relaxing June.
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