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Ár nDraíocht Féin
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May 4th, 2004

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05:20 pm - This is interesting:
From: http://www.stonecreed.org/wellspring/register.html

Wellspring Gathering Registration is $60 for ADF Members
which includes all activities from Thursday, 5/27 to Monday, 5/31/04.

Membership Card Required for Members Price.

Non ADF Members must pay $75, and will be asked to fill out an ADF Membership form.
$15 of your registration will be paid to ADF National for your first years membership dues.

Any special consideration or anticipated problems should be
addressed to: AJ and Shawn.

Call AJ during reasonable hours at: 216.289.6663


Might cause me not to go. We'll have to see. I'll know better when I get back from DMF. I really think that $75 is absolutely ridiculous, and forcing people to join ADF is even worse.
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Date:May 5th, 2004 05:32 am (UTC)
Article I, section 2:

2) Since one of the primary duties of the ancient Druids was to lead their tribes in magical and religious activities, A.D.F. advocates and practices, as an integral part of our faith, open, inclusionary, and public ceremonies to worship the Earth Mother and the Old Gods and Goddesses, rites of passage to mark the cycles of our lives, and magical rituals to accomplish our other goals in an honest and ethical manner.

So, yes. That seems to read that all rites are public (even rites of passage) which is a very literal reading of the by-law. I wouldn't say that such is the intent of the by-law, but that is what it says.

I checked on the national meeting, and here's Article X, Section 9:

9) On those occasions when the Mother Grove is meeting with a majority of the Directors physically present in one location, such meetings shall be open to attendance by any voting members who may happen to be in the vicinity, unless matters of extreme delicacy or personal privacy may be involved, or in the case of a spiritual retreat being held by the Mother Grove. When Mother Grove meetings are being held via electronic communications devices, the Archdruid may invite one or more individuals, whether voting members or not, to attend as guests.

So that indicates that the meeting doesn't need to be open to Non-Members.

This looks more and more complicated.

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