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Some fun and a box of soap

For you crazy Lord of the Rings fans (expect long load times on dial up)

Middle Earth in America

(Thanks exina!)

Okay. I'm feeling soapboxish. So please bear with me.

1) Equal rights demand equal responsibility. This whole issue of women registering for the draft? Damn straight, unless they plan to get rid of it completely, which I would agree with more. I'm sorry, but you can't have equal rights if you aren't willing to accept the idea that you might have to bear equal responsibility.

2) When you go to a dive of a pizza place, certain things are expected. At Hound Dogs Pizza, this is no different. The waitstaff will take a while to get to you. Food will take about 20 minutes to reach us. Sometimes they don't fill up your glass. None of this is a big deal, especially when the primary reason for going is hanging out. Please do not get angry at waitstaff. Don't shout at them, or say rude things to them. Yes, my tip was a full 20%. It would have been more, had I had another two dollars. The staff there knows I tip well, and they are very appreciative. I'm not going to break my habit for anything, because I know and like several waitresses.

3) Wellspring. What can I say about it? Well, how about this: if I haven't heard back from StoneCreed by 5:00 PM today, I won't make any posts to ADF-Leadership. I'll just do what I always do, and I'll start talking, in my nice, calm, measured way. I'm not going to be secret about being unhappy about the arrangement, but I expect it's better to ask a few key people about what they think about it. When I get back, if I still haven't been satisfied by what others have said, I will bring it up on Leadership. On a totally related side-note, I have already sent my ballot in for next year. I may request it back at this point, since I'll be at the ADF office, anyway.

4) Remember last time I wrote a chant? And how much shit hit the fan in terms of my ability to write liturgy because of my age? Wait until I get this new chant out. I expect I'll be posting it when I get the kinks worked out, probably after I get back from DMF.

5) Am I pissy right now? No, I'm not. I had a good evening last night, relaxing and talking and signing a bit and smelling flowers at the Arboretum. I'm much better than I was last night, much happier with the order of life. Hell, I'm going to see *loads* of cool people tomorrow in Arizona, and the weather, I understand, is beautiful. qorinda, look for my fedora as I step off the plane tomorrow (and email/IM me if you have any questions).


Thank you for playing.
Tags: activism, adf, chants, fedora, festivals, friends, hound dogs pizza, reflections, writings
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