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The joy of email.

I love the mail the Pagan Student Association gets when no one is looking:

Would you please know of someone who knows about European witchcraft, real witches, not people who engage in witchcraft. When I was a child I had a real witch implanted in me, it was supposed to be left unused except for very little use by a man who implanted it in order to predict the future, by means of entering into that energy field and then reading my memories. I think it was done through ouija board, and or crystal ball and single strand of living hair. My mother received some favours from that man, than my mother talked to Slovenian witch about it. Son of that Slovenian witch so found out about it, and unfortunately for me, he used it without permission in order to teach his defacto wife, his daughter and his son witchcraft. I am 55 year old woman now. This witch became active this year New Years Eve. Because it was full of rubbish that that family implanted into it, witch crushed me to bed for 2 months, injured my shoulder, than made me very inactive for another 2 months. I was able to move during March, April this year, but there is this unwanted presence in my thoughts. Slovenian witches appararently read thoughts, other European witches read memories only, and that is done for some money. No agreement was made between that Slovenian and myself, except for some strange, misleading statements that I did not fully understand at the time. In the other words, he lied to me. Through that technique they observe my behaviour, check on my bank account, passwords, anything I do is under constant survelliance,for months now. Here I am a victim of crime through witchcraft, namely stalking, health problems, breaches of privacy, constant observance, and other.
I need someone who could read my thoughts during last four months, to see that there was a two way conversation, that it is not my imagination. That Slovenian mans daughter asked me laughingly, who will believe me? If you could help, please advise me ASAP, because I suffer from sleepless nights, very little working ability. Mine is one of the worst cases of victimisation of a person through witchcraft. I am NOT mentally sick, nor is this result of my imagination, I dont take any drugs, I am not on any medicine. I am in desperate need of help, by religion I am RC, local RC Priest doesnt believe me. Please help me if you know of a respectable person, and or organisation who would help me. Damage done is through that witch, some telepathy, usage of ouija board, and I dont know what else. I am prepared to go through cross examination to see that it is truth I am talking about. Mine is a huge need, please help soon if you can. Person/s and/or organisation must be very respectable. It doesnt matter what country.
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