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wellspring announcement, pt. 2 - Chronarchy — LiveJournal

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May 10th, 2004

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03:09 pm - wellspring announcement, pt. 2
From Wellspring Registration

Wellspring Gathering Registration is $60 for ADF Members which includes all activities from Thursday, 5/27 to Monday, 5/31/04.

Membership Card or prior arrangement required for Members Price.

Non-ADF members must pay $75, but if they wish to join the organization (ADF), $15 of their festival fees will go toward their first year of membership. (This must be decided at registration.)

All registration is on-site and will be handled when you first arrive at the front gate. Only acknowledged prior arrangements will be allowed.

Any special consideration or anticipated problems should be addressed to: AJ and Shawn.

Call AJ during reasonable hours at: 216.289.6663


That's much better wording. I like it a lot. It also addresses those who have lost their membership cards, which is very nice.

I'm rather happy with this resolution, myself.
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