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And yesterday is today, or so it seems.

Yo. Staying home sick again today, in hopes that I feel much better. We'll see how long that takes :)

But I do read all my friends entries. Interestingly, on Monday night, I was in my office until 7 catching up on the entries I'd missed while down in Arizona. I had to go back 400 posts to get to where I wanted to start from.

4 days = 400 posts.

It was a long night. You people are wonderfully prolific.

So, yes. Send me more dirty, naughty things, or cool things, or fun things, or whatever you're in the mood for.


Snitched from rhiannon76 for ceolnamara

Wooden pipe find excites Irish archaeologists

Archaeologists are dancing with delight after discovering a set of musical pipes believed to have been used 4,000 years ago by prehistoric man in Ireland, making them the world's oldest wooden instruments.


And then there's this, because news about Druids is cool!

Druids go 'public'

Local group adds weekly services to celebrate nature
By Stephanie Innes


Spinning her robed body in dizzying circles and clutching a wooden wand called the staff of Dionysus, Dame Julian Greene chants, "Let the gates be opened," as her fellow Druids anticipate the nature spirits' arrival.
Greene, 49, is not an actress, nor is she a student of Harry Potter's...
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