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And the wheels begin to turn. . .

Something's in the air today. . . Anticipation of new things, crazy things, that will happen, and I expect a good amount of it is going to involve taking sides.

This is going to be lots of fun.


I'm happy to see that a few close friends have started joining ADF (even if they aren't near me right now, or joining the Grove). It will be a pleasure to see some of you on the lists.

I was thinking. Recently, I've had a number of people join my friends list. I'm getting close to 100 LJ friends. I'm consistantly amazed at just how cool the people I meet on this thing are, and how much fun I have when I finally get to meet them in person. My friends rock. :)

I'm looking forward to meeting a few more next weekend for the first time, when I fly into Kansas City. At the moment, I'm exchanging email with saffronhare so I can make a cheat-sheet of real names and LJ names so I know what to call people :)

I'm really tired today. Benedryl kicked my ass last night. I'm still feeling the effects.
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