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KC info and such:

For those meeting me in KC, especially, but #3 is a contest (see question not behind cut at bottom)


Okay. Everyone meeting me at the terminal at the Kansas City Airport (MCI) on Friday, May 21 at 9:20 AM (that's next Friday, for those of us who have lost track), raise your hands (i.e. leave a comment), please.


C'mon, raise them high. . .

*pauses, makes notes*

Okay. Thanks. You may put your hands down.

On that note, I need someone who can take me back to the terminal by 6:25 PM so I can meet my brother and mother as they deplane. Can someone do that?

On a side note now, if no one can pick me up *right* when I land or drop me off *right* when my parents do, no worries. I can bum around the airport for an hour or two. Not like I didn't spend 12 hours there one day 6 months ago. This'll be cheesecake compared to that. That was hell.


Alright. On Sunday, I expect to get back into town around 2-3 PM. I'll probably call before we leave Downs, Kansas (our destination on this trip) to give an ETA.

Who'll be meeting for a late lunch/early dinner around then? And, if my Mother makes alternate plans, can someone get me to the airport by 6 PM at the latest?

Dinner should probably be someplace easy and relatively quick and inexpensive, but sit-down nonetheless. Somewhere between Topeka, Kansas and MCI airport, as that's the planed route.


Who are you guys? See, I haven't told my mother who you guys are. Right now, you're "friends from school" (it's my stand-by excuse for *everything* with the parents). I'll probably just tell her the truth, but the truth is so boring!

Now, whatever I tell her is going to have to stick, but I think creativity is the key. :) It's possible that she might be eating dinner with us, so I gotta tell her something other than "friends from school", as (with a quick survey of birthdates) in LJ user info, no one actually matches my age of 24 (though some come close enough). And it'll be really amusing when I have to refer to a cheat-sheet to remember names :)

Then again, telling them that you're a bunch of Druids and assorted other flavours of Pagan could be a bit interesting, too. . . So if you like that idea, vote for that :)

So my question: Who am I meeting in Kansas City? Be creative! (open to anyone on my friends list)
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