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Three Cranes Grove, ADF, Approved!

~~ On August 12, 2003
a Request for Provisional Charter from
Three Cranes Grove, ADF
in Columbus, OH
was submitted to the
ADF Grove Organizing Committee.

After carefully reviewing the application
in accordance with our current policies,
we are pleased to announce that

~ Three Cranes Grove, ADF ~

is hereby officially recognized
as a Provisionally Chartered Grove of
Ar nDraiocht Fein, A Druid Fellowship.

I request that the following information be added
to the current list of official ADF Groves in OAK LEAVES
and on the ADF Website:

Grove Name: Three Cranes Grove, ADF
SD Name: Michael J Dangler < >
Grove Address: PO Box 3264, Columbus, OH 43224
State(s) Grove is local to: OH
Phone number for contacting Grove: (614) 263-7838
E-mail address for contacting Grove:
Web site for Grove:
Culture(s) the Grove works with: Continental Celtic (Gaulish)
Date of Provisional Charter: August 26, 2003

On behalf of the ADF Grove Organizing Committee:

Congratulations and Bright Blessings,
Rev. Todd Covert
GOC Chair

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