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Ah, Voting. The spice of life. . .

Today, in the shower, I found myself thinking something I never expected I would think:

We gotta vote the Republicans out of every office we can this November.

Why on earth would a generally staunch Republican say such a blasphemous thing?

Because I figure the economy can wait. Terrorism can wait. The environment can wait.

The Constitution can't wait.

Yes, I'm about to go on another tirade about gay marriage, registering to vote, and the US Constitution.

For those of you brave enough to read on, I appreciate it.

So why did I suddenly become so anti-Republican? Those who know me generally accept that I'm middle-of-the-road, with slight Republican tendancies, because I believe that the economy is more important than welfare, and the environment takes a lower ranking than cold hard cash.

What brought this on, really, was the radio this morning. Some asshat in Ohio's legislative branch is proposing an amendment to Ohio's Constitution to ban gay marriage.

I've talked about gay marriage before, and why I'm opposed to banning it (see entry 1, entry 2), and I've talked about the importance of registering to vote.

I'm fiercely bothered by this trend toward using the Constitution to remove rights from a group of people. A fairly large group of people. A group of people that I know several of, and whom I like very much.

And whose devotion seems much stronger, especially when Brittney Spears can marry someone for 55 hours and that's "sacred" because she married someone of an oposite gender.

The constitution is not designed to remove rights from people. There are other ways to do that (like making bad laws) that are much more acceptable. But putting it in the Constitution? Someone needs to be smacked.

None of the amendments detail a removal of rights. If we start with one, what sort of precedent have we set? Honestly, this particular one sounds pretty small to a straight guy, and I admit that. But it's the first step, and one that I don't want to see taken.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, you know.

So why is voting Republicans out of office the answer? Because no matter how much the Democrats can screw the rest of the world and the home front, they won't try and push a Constitutional amendment through banning gay marriage. We can fix the economy later. We can fight terrorism later. We can fix Social Security later.

No matter what we do, though, we can't take back that first step down a long dark road that removes rights from a group of people. It will haunt us forever.

So, unless things change, I'll encourage you all to vote Democrat.

But honestly, if you like the way things are going, I still encourage you to vote. Honestly, I don't care who you vote for. That's your personal choice. But you damn well better vote, and you damn well better know what you're voting for.

I just happen to be giving reasons for my choice, at this point.

It takes a lot to turn a Republican away from his party. Almost as much as it takes to turn a Democrat away from his. Congrats, GOP. You managed.
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