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My final paper for RS 541

My paper will focus on the use of the Quetzalcoatl myth by Moctezuma to describe and guide interactions with Cortez and the conquistadors as detailed by David Carrasco, and comparing this to my own personal experience with a runaway in Arizona on Mother's Day. First off, we'll discuss the myth, as well as the Jimmy Buffett song that became mythologized when I encountered this runaway, and consider how Moctezuma's worldview and mine were similar with each myth. We'll start critical anyalysis with a phenomenological approach that details Eliade's views of myth, and how each myth fits into the lives of those who utilized them, and what exactly each myth did. We'll discuss Wendy Doniger's idea of the un-demythologized and the second naivate, followed by a quick touch on the idea of liminality and how it may or may not fit this situation. I will also touch on Lincoln's ideas of myth as a method of control, and perhaps how I may have been using mine in a very untoward sense. I'll probably discuss Kolakowski and his idea of myth as something we can never escape, no matter what we do or how conscious we are of our utilization. In particular, we'll focus on how sometting becomes part of a myth, and how things become mythologized, and how Urton might consider this a creation of a resource for the future. The paper has some serious implications, as most likely I'm stepping into uncharted territory where several comparative methods will need to be used. It's gonna be fun.

Boy, that all makes me sound smart. And I'm not even talking out of my ass yet!
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