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Writing, writing, writing. . .

I've finished my paper, it's turned in. Now, onto more writing :)

First, I must get the Wellspring write-up written.

After that, I have a few stories I want to tell. So I'm taking votes.

In the comments, let me know what stories you want to hear, and in what order I should write them.

1.) Breaking my teeth on the butt of a gun
2.) Where my scar on my chin came from
3.) Where my scar on my knee came from
4.) Where my scar on my left wrist came from
5.) How I fractured my right wrist (and how the guy got put into Levenworth)
6.) The ghost I saw on June 1, 2004
7.) Another recent (but not nearly so long) Chaos working
8.) A new conversation with Eris
9.) A bald-faced lie.
10.) Something else that you'll detail in the comments?

Oh, look. I have a lunch date today. That's a nice change.
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