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An interesting story. . .

Well, here goes nothing.

Due to this post, it has been requested that, if I want to see stories about women experimenting with other women, I'd better be prepared to respond in kind. So, to that end, I have written a small story about my first experience with a man.

Whether it is true or not, I will leave to your imagination. You can accept or deny that it happened, but I will say one thing: even if you do not accept this episode as truthful, there is an element of truth in it.

Enjoy, and I certainly hope that this show of good will might prompt others to be verbose about their potentially non-existant relations with women. :)

Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


It was a hot day, the kind that you know is going to last a long time. It was humid at this particular Pagan festival, and I had been drinking water all day, for today was the final day of the warrior games.

The day before had been the little stuff: archery, chess, riddles, and a javalin throw. Today was the meat: a foot race, the stone throw, and the circle challenge.

I'd spent yesterday cruising through games and skills in a generally bored fashion. This morning's foot race had been a hard-won run, and I'd only placed 4th. It was the stone throw that I was at now.

As I waited, generally disinterested in what was going on, I watched the other guys hauling rocks into the sky. None were terribly impressive.

After seven or eight guys had thrown their stones, though, I saw a guy I'd just met, X, stand up and get ready for his turn. I watched with only a quiet disinterest for a moment, but then he reached down and lifted his shirt over his head, his stomach muscles, chest, and arms coming fully into view for the first time.

I stared. I couldn't help it. It was as if Adonis had been revealed to me, a perfect speciman of maleness.

Slack-jawed, I watched him heft the stone, feeling its weight in his hand, his bicept flexing as he did so. I stared at the flex, unsure what to make of it. Finally, he rolled his arm back, and I watched the muscles below his neck flex and roll. I'd watched those muscles before on swimmers, and had always found them beautiful, but I was entranced by the way these moved. With perfect grace and strength, his arm flew in front of him, and a beautiful throw was completed.

I admit I didn't see where it landed, because my eyes never left him.

He watched the stone land, and turned away, grinning to himself. He locked eyes with me for a moment, and his grin grew wider. My slack-jawed expression was amusing, I'm sure. I only hoped that he thought that my look was brought on by his throw, not by him.

My name was called next, and I picked up the stone. I looked at the spectators, and there sat X, grinning from ear to ear, but watching me with intent and interest.

I turned, burning under his gaze, and made a throw. I know I didn't win first place, but I don't know where my throw landed, either, because I was more than a little flustered at the eyes that were on me.

The next event was the circle challenge, and I very much wanted to win. This event is looked over by many, many people, and is considered the best test of strength.

We were divided up, and I fought through two rounds, looking for the top spot. Finally, it came down to myself and someone else for number one, and I awaited the announcement of who I would need to fight.

The Chief of the Warrior's Guild stood up, and announced the championship round. He announced my name first, and I stood. I looked around to see who my opponent would be, and then I heard X's name.

What I felt, I can't tell you, but I was strangely excited to see him stand, still shirtless and covered in sweat. I nodded to him, and we walked to the circle.

Inside the circle, I felt the eyes of the crowd on me. I was unsure how to begin, but I knew where I should start. As the rules were explained one final time, I took off my shirt, grinning from ear to ear. This caused a bit of a stir around the circle, and my opponent smiled at me, too.

But it was his quick wink that caught me off guard.

When the instructions were finished, the Chief asked if there were any questions. A female voice from the audiance shouted: "Can we pour oil on them?" This resulted in some laughter, but we got ready to wrestle.

The start was signaled, and we began to circle.

We closed in on each other, neither wanting to make the first move, both looking for a place to grab the other. Finally, I feinted low, and reached high, putting my shoulder into his chest.

This caused him to stagger back a bit, but not before wrapping a hand around my stomach. I was turned around, him behind me, with only one hand free. I caught his other hand before he could bring it around, and twisted to get a leg behind his.

I threw my weight back against him, and came down on top of him, his chest against my back. I heard the air expell from his lungs, and broke free of his grip, spinning around so I was almost on top of him.

His hands held me off, though, with one on my wrist and the other planted firmly in my chest. We struggled like that for a moment, me bearing down on him, and him holding me away. Suddenly, I realized that he was twice as strong as me, and he could hold me like this all day.

I pulled back, and stood up again. He climbed to his feet, and went after me.

His chest hit mine, and his arms wrapped around me under my armpits. We fell to the ground hard, and I fought to get an arm under his to pull it away. He lay on top of me for a moment, holding tight and forcing air from my lungs, and then started to move me, slowly, toward the edge of the circle. My hands couldn't get purchase on anything, and neither could my feet. I tried to reach for his leg to lock him up, but he kept them out of reach. Finally, I was out of the circle, and he had won.

I lay on the ground for a moment, not really wanting to move. Finally, I sat up, shook his hand, and smiled. The crowd was already cheering for X, and so I rolled over and stood up. I wandered toward the showers.

I peeled off my clothes, feeling where the bruises would be tomorrow. I turned on the hot water, and put my head under the shower. After a moment, I heard another shower come on, and heard X's voice.

"That was a good match. You alright?"

"Yeah," I said. "Nothing hurt except my pride. You?"

"I won. I'll be fine. But you did knock the wind out of me."

"I heard that," I laughed. "You hit the ground pretty hard."

"So did you, a minute later."

I pulled back from the shower and wiped my eyes. "You're good at that event. Good at the stone throw, too."

He grinned. "Yeah. I saw you watching me during that stone throw. You like what you saw?"

I smiled, and then turned back to the hot water. "You've got a good body. I can admit as much."

"So do you," he returned.

"Thanks," I said, not sure what else to say.

I heard the water stop next to me, and then I heard his voice closer, at the same time that I felt hands on my shoulders. "You need to relax." He started to massage my back, and I let him for a moment.

"Feels good. Thanks," I muttered, not wanting to say anything too loud.

His strong hands then turned me around, and I was now facing him. "I can do much better," he said. And then he kissed me.

I don't really know how to describe it, other than it was a clean kiss, simple yet effective. The stubble on his face was strange and new, and scraped hard against my lips. It was probably the most agressive, yet still subtle, kisses I had ever received.

He drew back. "I'll be in my cabin later, if you want to come by."

And then he turned and walked out.

I didn't go to the cabin that night. Honestly, as nice as his muscles were, and as great of a kisser as he was, he didn't actually do much for me, and it would probably have been a mistake. But I did consider it, and just decided I would be best off not going. I wonder if it was a loss or not. It's hard to say.
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