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Wow. I've finished lots of stuff. . .

This past weekend, I finally saw Serpent Mound.

It was an interesting experience, and I have a picture that I want to do with my write up, so you will not get to see it yet. I need to scan that picture in.

Special thanks to those ladies who decided to inspire me by writing me some porn experiences. I appreciate it. I hope my response was good for you, too.

Please feel free to continue writing :)

My next project is to write up my experience with the ghost. We'll see how long that takes. (btw, girl-on-girl stories help immensely, honest!)

Then I'll discuss my fractured wrist.

I'll probably do all the scar stories in one entry. Hmm. . . Time to get nekkid and make sure I remember where all my scars are. I expect I forgot one or two. . .

On to the writing!
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