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July 8th, 2004

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03:10 pm - New Essay
Just posted this to Dedicants, but I also want a broader, more personal set of responses to this essay:

Creating the Desire for Worship

Let me know what you think, please. I'd like to clean it up for Oak Leaves.
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Date:July 13th, 2004 09:37 am (UTC)

Re: book(s) of pagan prayer

the ADF teachings probably reflect him to some extent.

Which makes "his writing shows an ADF worldview" almost a tautology.

Many Pagans base their Paganism on what they believe, not on what they do.

If I believe in "harm none," but I don't act on that, that's okay?

You're talking about ethics, which is separable from religion.

I'd argue (as a non-Wiccan) that "harm none" isn't the basis for Wicca, but rather the ethical component of it. (If that were the basis of Wicca I might be more willing to call myself Wiccan.) The basis (if I may be so bold as to state a generic basis of Wicca) is a worldview of male and female deity coming together to produce all that is part of the natural world, and that natural world being sacred. I'd argue that the latter belief is what generally defines Pagans.

I think Pagans place their weight on actions and practices, rather than on beliefs.

Some do. Some don't. Those who don't may (hopefully) still act ethically; that's a separate question.

If you're talking about actions and practices relating to other people in everyday life, then I consider that a question of ethics rather than religion. If you're talking about actions and practices relating to deities or spirits, that's religion, and that's where different Pagans may have very different emphasis about actions vs beliefs.

After all, the number of Wiccans in ADF alone should show just how little we care what a person believes.

How many Christians are in ADF? :-)
The basic belief systems in ADF and Wicca and other forms of neo-paganism are close enough that they are fairly compatible despite the occasional disagreement or misunderstanding. The belief system of Christianity is quite incompatible with that of pagans, as far as I can see, despite some efforts to reconcile them. On the other hand, the ethical systems of Paganism and Christianity can be quite compatible.

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