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July 15th, 2004

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12:41 pm - Just submitted the following articles to OL:
"ADF Vs. Wicca" (SundaySundaySunday! A Rumble in the Jungle! Bring the children! Kids Tickets in the Pit only $24!)

"Representing ADF in Public" (or: How Not To Be a Dork)

"Eris is Coming for Tea" (Hopefully I didn't confuse this with my erotic story, "Eris is Cumming for Mr. T")

"Discordia's Apple" (Which might not fit at all)

"Creating the Desire for Worship" (Inspired by my favourite Old Articulator)

Keep in mind that what I submitted to Oak Leaves are likely to be differently edited.


Man, Billy Clyde so wasn't insane. . .


By the way, does anyone know any congregations in Columbus or the surrounding area that speak in tongues or do snake handling? Or do faith healing? I really want to see one of those services.
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Date:July 16th, 2004 11:45 am (UTC)
I don't know of any around here.

If I find one, do you want to go, too?

Personally I think it's silly to accept that followers of Vodoun are ridden by the loa, but when a Pentecostal Christian speaks in tongues, they're just talking gibberish.

Why? There isn't any reason to automoatically assume that anyone is having a valid religious experience.

Besides, I believe that my religion is right, and thus generally disblieve in any other religion.

That does't make them wrong. Doesn't even make them less important. Heck, they might just be right as well. How should I know? It doesn't impact me.

I'd just really like to see this. Why? Because it's true for them. And that's what makes it cool.
Date:July 16th, 2004 06:21 pm (UTC)
Why? There isn't any reason to automoatically assume that anyone is having a valid religious experience.

Becuase there are certain things that will happen if someone who speaks in tongues is legitimately speaking in tongues; namely, someone else with stand up and interpret what the speaker has said. St. Paul advises those who are inclined to "fake it" to think twice.

See this for more.

The vast majority of people who're speaking in tongues are faking it; A colleague of mine (a Pentacostal minister) invited me to his church to discreetly observe a husband-wife pair who alternately spoke in tongues and interpreted for each other. I eventually figured out she was saying "Burrito Grande, Nacho Supreme, Jalepenos, Apple Bannana" interspersed with random words in Koine Greek, Mesoretic Hebrew, and Modern Standard Arabic. I also heard about a man who prophesied in Latin (despite being nearly illiterate). A lawyer happened to be attending from out of town and translated the message.

As for snake handlers... those are mostly deep south things. My former bishop once attended such a church in West Virginia; it generally takes them a month or so before they'll bring out the snakes in most places, because they want to make sure you're not a cop.

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