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A new voice on the wind. . .

Michael: Esus, Father: I come before your shrine asking for your guidance. Hear my words they flow from my heart. Open to me as I have to you. Come to sit and listen as a father does his son. Esus, accept this offering of beer and bread, and guide my actions and my words.

Esus: It's rare you come to chat.

Michael: It should be more often. Do you have time now?

Esus: I do for my son.

Michael: Then I have questions for my father.

Esus: Speak them.

Michael: You know why I came. You know the main question I wish to ask. Tell me, should I travel the path you laid down for me so many years ago? Should I continue on it, even if the path is not what seems to serve my life best?

Esus: I set the path before you for a reason, Michael. I gave it to you because I thought you could handle it.

Michael: I know that, Father.

Esus: Would you like me to take it away? It's something inside you that you can deny, you know. It was placed before you as an option, not as a definite path. Your roads lead you where your heart will desire to go, and this one is no different.

Michael: I know. It's hard to look at it though, and all the problems that might occur.

Esus: You haven't asked her yet? Ususally you're rather independant about these things. What's brought this about?

Michael: Well, there's that little complication that I have. You know, not knowing what the hell she's going to say?

Esus: That's never stopped you before.

Michael: This is different. It's something that could have a profound effect on our relationship. It's something that could, perhaps, even destroy it if she's completely adverse to it.

Esus: I don't think that will happen. She's in the relationship for you, remember? She's not interested in anything else. Her perceptions of this one little thing won't change that.

Michael: You think so?

Esus: Look, I don't know much about interacting on a mortal-to-mortal level, I'll grant you that, but I do know that if you do what you want to do and she isn't interested in you any longer, honestly, you're better off. But I don't think that's the case.

Michael: But I've still got some time to think it over.

Esus: Not as much as you might think. There are things that need to be done, and there are limits on certain things. Some of those things are approaching that limit.

Michael: Which things?

Esus: You should know better than to ask that. This is about what you're ready for, not about what I'm ready to give you. You've passed up chances before, some of them really big chances. Some of them life-altering chances. A few of them, you've passed up to be with the woman you're with today, to live the life you're living today. Now, if you want to pass this one up, that's your right. If you want to grab the bull by the horns, though, I'm behind you, and I'm here to guide you.

Michael: You and your bulls.

Esus: Hey, when the metaphor fits. . .

Michael: You know, I can't help but feel that I've ignored you for a long time. That my worship is overwhelmed by Eris. It's almost like I've been taking you for granted, or like I've ignored when you've reached out to me in favour of another.

Esus: Well, you did build the shrine.

Michael: And I've failed to decorate it. It's not even good-looking.

Esus: Ha. You didn't promise me a decorated or even pretty shrine. Just a permanent spot with an altar. That you have provided. I would hope that you won't just leave it like it is, but that obligation is fulfilled.

Michael: I have some rather large plans for that shrine, eventually. The problem is, I'm out of money.

Esus: That happens to the best of shrine builders.

Michael: Fact remains, it could be better.

Esus: It'll do for me. Right now, though, you just need to know that Eris and I have an understanding. I may not be completely happy with the relationship, but She isn't either. Actually, just saying that brings a smile to my face.

Michael: And I thought gods were above human emotions like jealousy.

Esus: No. We have them too. Don't worry, though. She still turns things like this over to me. I'm better at it, and She knows that. Anyway, do you know what you're doing now?

Michael: I think so. Better than I did. Talking it out always helps.

Esus: And I'm always here to talk it out with you.

Michael: I know. That's why, in reality, you're my first patron, and my strongest. There's a deep sense of loving and caring that I get from you, a feeling of fulfilment, and of love. It's different with Eris, who seems to love me more like a toy than like a child. I sometimes wonder if She'll get bored when the shininess wears off.

Esus: She hasn't left you yet, and I know She loves you as Her child.

Michael: That's so comforting. Almost.

Esus: Yeah, I'd be sacred too.

Michael: Ha. Even more comforting.

Esus: Listen, if you need anything, or if you have more trouble making your decision, I'm here. I always am.

Michael: I know. It's just that sometimes I feel like it's harder to talk to you. It's like Eris pops out of the woodwork and shouts, "Here I am! Tell me what's up!" and you seem, I don't know, harder to get ahold of.

Esus: All you really need to do is say my name, and I listen.

Michael: I know, but I'm more comfortable with the long invocations, the talks, and the offerings.

Esus: Then keep doing them, and I'll keep listening.

Michael: One other thing: What would you do if you were in my place?

Esus: I'd listen to what my heart told me, for it's never steered me wrong in the past. Look into yourself, and let your desires manifest.

Michael: You've done this before, haven't you, Father?

Esus: Maybe once or twice. A long time ago. Good luck, Son.

Michael: Thank you, Esus. Your words have depth, and they touch my soul. For your guidance, and for your love, I thank you, and will think on you always, Bull God, Woodcutter, Father.
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