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God? Are you out there, God?

God is trying to contact me.

No, really. I'm completely serious.

It all started yesterday. Yesterday, just before work ended, I received some spam.

Usually, this is not a defining moment in my day, but this particular spam wanted to help me meet Christian singles, presumbably to get it on with (by "it" I think I mean "pray").

The subject was: Meet Christian singles at

I checked out the site this morning, and I was amused to see that despite the number of smiling happy people all over the page (who really do look like they're having fun and enjoying themselves in Godly prusuits), there is only one female between the ages of 18 and 25 who has a photo in her profile. In fact, there are 7 women between 18 and 25 total, four of them being from somewhere not in this country.

Don't get me wrong, the 18 year old isn't prohibitively ugly (heck, not even close), but her interests include the Disney Channel. I have to draw the line somewhere.

"So you got spam," you say. "Everyone gets spam. What's that prove?"

Nothing, of course. It's what else went on that begs my ear.

Yesterday, I was thinking hard about this whole "calling" thing. This "vocation" that I'm worried about. Well, I was doing some searching on Amazon to see what I could find about callings to the priesthood.

"Who better to ask about callings than people who are priests and have written books?" I asked. My co-workers looked at me a bit funny and then went back to work. Between the monkey noises that come from my cubicle and the army men, it's safer that way.

Imagine that: the only books on this are from Christian authors. Heck, fine with me. It's not like the calling is going to be different for two people. I did some searching, came up with a few titles, and then headed off to the bookstore so I could browse.

I spent three hours in the section marked "Christian Inspiration" at Barnes & Noble. I discussed Christianity and compared conversion experiences with several people. It's amazing how much friendlier Christians are in their section than Pagans and New Agers are in their section.

Or maybe I just got a good batch of talkative Christians.

In the end, I got a lot of good answers, and I took three books home. That's forty-two dollars and 29 cents going to "the cause" of conversion, I'm sure.

And I now have new things to think about, as I read through these books. . . It's enlightening.
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