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KC trip info:

I probably won't have time to hang out in KC when I arrive, but I will after I leave. So, if I arrive on Sunday around noon, can someone get me to the airport on Monday?

Arrive: Nov. 24, 2004

        Airport:     Flight:    Action:

        CMH-MDW-MCI     2228    Depart Columbus (CMH) at 8:10 AM
                                Arrive in Chicago (MDW) at 8:20 AM
                        929     Change planes in Chicago (MDW) departing at 9:55 AM
                                Arrive in Kansas City (MCI) at 11:20 AM

Depart: Nov. 29, 2004

        MCI-STL-CMH     794     Depart Kansas City (MCI) at 4:25 PM
                                Arrive in St. Louis (STL) at 5:20 PM
                        420     Change planes in St. Louis (STL) departing at 8:00 PM
                                Arrive in Columbus (CMH) at 10:10 PM

I'm so trying to find out if a whip is considered "carry-on" or not. . .
Tags: family, fedora, friends

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