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Buffy & spinoffs

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't get into Buffy or the various spinoffs that have occurred.

Then I realise 2 things:

1) Buffy is over.

2) I didn't like it, anyway.

And I go back to drinking.

Seriously, though, I look at what most of the people in the adf community do, and I see fan fiction (some amusingly erotic), lots of people who have "buffy" in their interests, etc. And then there's the inability to carry on a conversation without eventually talking about "Willow" or other characters.

Worst, though, is the ostracism you get when you say, with all honesty, that you've only managed to sit through one entire episode of Buffy, and it sucked. If you say you don't understand the reason that people like vampires, you get a weird look, and people just ignore you. I've encountered cults before, but this is ridiculous.

Is it all a geeky pursuit I'm not gonna get? I can't watch the shows; I just don't have *that* kind of willpower. *sighs* Off to lunch. I'll be perkier when I get back. (And, for the record, I'm not sure I *want* to get it.)
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