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August 18th, 2004

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10:31 am - Yeah, *that's* intelligent. . .
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are very specific reasons that I disagree with groups like Greenpeace.

This is one of them.

Killing 11,000 fish to protest overfishing? wtf were they smoking?

Be very careful which groups you send your money to. The word "enviornmental" doesn't make it all happy.
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Date:August 18th, 2004 10:32 am (UTC)

A few points...

First, Greenpeace has some some terrific work over the years, and since their founding in Canada in the early 1970's, has spread all over the world.

Thus, they have also make a lot of enemies...and it could be that the news source, in this case Reuters, has a strong business leaning. Thus, their coverage may be slanted against Greenpeace. No news source is really objective, and one must realize that...objectivity is a path, not a place where you can arrive at, and understanding the bias of different news sources is important to properly reading the news. Also, reading multiple sources helps a great deal. Many times I have read/seen/heard stories reporting on the same incident that have very different points of view, and sometimes even totally different facts! I trust the media to get the gross facts right, but not the details. For example the afore mentioned article...I am sure that thousands of fish were dumped in the place they said, as everyone can see that, but the details, like where they got the fish, could be...well...fishy.

So, go and read the following article to get another view.


It states that Greenpeace recovered the dead fish after they were discarded by a troller...so who is right?

Remember, your reality tunnel will affect what you read, and how you interpret things. It may also prevent you from questioning the so-called "facts" as present, as long as they fit your reality tunnel. Your reality tunnel includes the idea that you don't like eco-activists like Greenpeace, and thus you took the Reuters' article at face value, and didn't do any fact checking...but it only took 20 seconds of research to find another news article that contradicts the Reuters article.

Eris has spoken.


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