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August 18th, 2004

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10:31 am - Yeah, *that's* intelligent. . .
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are very specific reasons that I disagree with groups like Greenpeace.

This is one of them.

Killing 11,000 fish to protest overfishing? wtf were they smoking?

Be very careful which groups you send your money to. The word "enviornmental" doesn't make it all happy.
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Date:August 31st, 2004 07:27 am (UTC)

wrong quote on reuters

Hi there,
right, would have been a fishy story if we had killed the fish. Reuters sent out an invented quote. They mixed it up somehow. Later on there was a reply saying:

BERLIN, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Environment activists piled thousands of dead fish at the foot of Berlin's biggest tourist attraction, the Brandenburg Gate, on Tuesday in a demonstration against over-fishing and pollution in the North Sea.
"It's not the fish but the politics that really stink," said Bjoern Jettka, press officer for Germany's Greenpeace.
On a hot August day at peak tourist season, visitors to the famous neo-classical landmark were greeted by the smell of 11,000 rotting fish displayed on a 100 metre long table under banners bearing the slogan "Don't waste life!".
Jettka said Greenpeace got the already dead fish from the unwanted catch of a Belgian fisherman who uses the so-called "beam trawl" method where a net is dragged along the sea bed.
"The North Sea beam trawlers have nets that suck up all the living creatures in their path indiscriminately like a giant vacuum cleaner," he added.
The dead fish on display -- some 95 percent of the catch, including endangered species of octopus and sea urchin -- were those that commercial crews would normally throw back overboard for failing to meet traders' criteria.
"Some 700,000 tons of dead fish are thrown back into the sea each year -- this waste problem will affect future generations if no one takes action," said Greenpeace marine biologist Thomas Henningsen.
"Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder must hear our protest."
Demonstrators hoped the prominent site, flanked by luxury hotels and foreign embassies, would attract attention and urge Schroeder to pressure the European Union to reduce over-fishing and pollution in the North Sea.
((Reporting by Sarah Goodwin, editing by Jon Hemming; Berlin newsroom; Tel: +49 30 2888 5210))

All the best


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