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Order of Ritual for Buffett:

Here's the generic order of ritual for the Buffett liturgy at Summerland:

0: Processional: The Tiki Bar is Open

1: Unity Prayer:

2: Earth Mother: One Particular Harbor

3: Awen: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

4: Purpose:

5: Outdwellers: Fins: Hula Girl sacrifice

6: Well: Pirate Looks at Forty

7: Fire: Southern Cross = Far Side of the World

8: Tree: Lone Palm

9: Gatekeeper: Beachhouse on the Moon

10: Opening the Gates:

11: Ancestors: Son of a Son of a Sailor / Cheesburger in Paradise

12: Nature Spritis: Savannah Fare You Well:

13: Deities: Perfect Partner

14: Welcome to the Kindred:

15: Final Sacrifice:

16: Omen: Coconut Telegraph:

17: Litany of the Waters:

18: Hallowing of the Waters: Boomerang Love

19: Bardic Circle: God's Own Drunk

20: Closing: (thanks)

21: Gatekeeper: Beachhouse on the Moon

22: Closing the Gates: Lone Palm

Now, who's gonna be there? Sounds like this Summerland might be a bigger festival than most previous ones!
Tags: adf, buffett, festivals, rituals

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