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The Run-up

So today is Tuesday, huh? Like, as in, the day before the day before I head to Summerland?

Yes, I'll be there on Thursday night to help with the chores and such that are required. Registration is up this year, and volunteers are down, so I'm going to go help Three Cranes' very own "Mothergrove", 6th Night Grove set up for their festival.

I need to get the Buffett Liturgy posted today, and I have to drop off CD's at a few people's houses. I also have to go to Yankee Trader downtown to pick up about $50 of decorations, and probably a new palm tree (as mine is kinda limp. . . No comment).

On top of that, my boss just called me, needing something done immediately. *sighs*

The run-up to Summerland is always crazy. Well, I take that back: It's been crazy the last two years, since I started doing the Buffett Rite.

But this year's will rock. There is no question.

Anybody want a Cheeseburger?

If there's one event you get to go to, make it this one, because I think it's gonna be a blast. . .

Gods, there's nothing like a hot cup o' ADF in the morning to wake you up and get you movin'. . .
Tags: adf, buffett, festivals, friends, rituals, three cranes grove
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