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September 14th, 2004

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08:02 am - Oops.
Sorry. Was out of town for the weekend. From early Friday until just last night, to be exact.

If you tried to IM me, that's why you failed.

What a terrible time to take off work, though. Now I'm stuck with lots and lots of backlog. . .

So it might be a bit before you can get ahold of me.

But I am here.
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: "Coastal Confessions", -JB

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Date:September 14th, 2004 07:29 am (UTC)

Welcome back

I hope your time away was enjoyable.

Regarding backlogs: If you leave too much of that sitting around in your backforests it may lead to backfires.

Of course, my users don't understand the concept of "out of the office". I was answering questions standing on line for a roller coaster ride during a recent vacation.

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