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So, yeah. Yesterday I bitched about Buffy. Right.

Suffice to say I'm not gonna get it.

But last night I came home from a business meeting. I went downstairs, and Tina's hangin' out with Charles, a guy she knows I can't stand. So I sit down with them. They were watching The Lost Boys. If you've never seen it, you aren't really missing much. There's a lot of 80's music, shots of flying through clouds, and bad editing that are (in general) extremely distracting. But it's one of Tina's favourite movies, so we're just going to say it's a good story and leave it at that.

Well, anyway, my former roommate, Elizabeth, once said of Charles that he'd be more polite "if he just had his dick out of his pants" because his "erection is so obvious when he looks at a woman." That gives you an idea.

And he talks extensively during movies.

So, anyway, I relax politely, since while he's there, I can't go to bed. Watch the movie. And he gets up and leaves at the end, says good bye to Tina, and just walks by me out the door. *shrugs* Sorry to interrupt an evening when you thought you might be able to get in good with my girlfriend. Freak.

Maybe some more background is in order. Tina's always liked to hang out with him. I've no problem with that. And, at one point, it was fun to torture him. He would invite her out to a play, and she would invite me to go with. It took him 4 years to figure out that Tina and I were dating. This was after Tina and I moved in together. I think he was the last to realize it. He actually had to ask.

Well, he knew I was his biggest competition (yeah, he thought he had a shot at Tina). One day I saw him on campus, and I said "Hi". He just blinked at me. That was it. Another time she called me and told me that he invited her to go see a production of "Bye Bye Birdie", and she wanted me to come too. When he saw me, the look was just. . . Well, it was classic. No other way to describe it.

It's not that I don't like the guy. I really could.

I just wish he'd freakin' give up on Tina. He lost, and he needs to accept that gracefully.

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