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A spell to summon, by the power of God's tattoos.

paper, 15 x 8 cm, illegible writing on reverse

". . . My mother is Mary. The breast. . . the breast from which our lord Jesus Christ drank. In the name of the seal that is traced up on the heart of Mary the virgin; in the name of the seven holy vowels (?) which are tattooed on the chest of the father almighty, AEEIOUO; in the name of him who said, "I and my father, we are one," that is, Jesus Christ; in the name of Abba Abba Abba Ablanatha Nafla Akrama Chamari Ely Temach Achoocha!

I adjure you by the sacrifice of your only begotten son, Jesus Christ, Rabboni, in the way that you sealed the cup."
Tags: amusement, chaos magic

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