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Art? Oh, you mean the giant tissue box with the sewer pipe through it!

So, a couple of days ago, I posted about what is and isn't art.

I made my initial post, which is basically a set of links that describes what I think art is and is not.

Included were some rather famous images.

Boy, the comments were great. You guys rock.

So I changed the links. Everything that was art, was now not.

And the comments got better.

So I changed the links again. I shuffled them. People continued to disagree with me, and agree.

So I changed them a final time.

Amazing what happens.

Not a joke, not a statement, and probably not, in my opinion, art. But the concepts and the ideas in the comments are amazing. If you're interested at all in art, I highly suggest you read through them.

My friends list rocks.

(note: I didn't do it to piss you off. Whoever you are.)

So what is art, to me? Basically, it's anything that doesn't have a function at all. Art is, in my experience, a purely decorative endevour. It doesn't cause or do anything, nor does it serve any function necessary to the human experience.

But it looks damn pretty on a wall, sometimes. I do not judge art on nebulous things like "emotion evoked" or "intent". I judge art on whether I can tell what the hell it is, and whether I'd pay $10 to have it hang on my wall.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that my appreciation of art is exactly like Horatio Hornblower and his take on music.
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