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Universal Light Expo. . .

I have to say, I've never been so underwhelmed as I was at the Universal Light Expo.

For all the things I heard about it, I'm kind of glad that I never wasted the $8 entrance fee before this year, as I didn't find a single thing of interest to purchase, nor did I find a single workshop that interested me. I almost tried to chat up Ray Buckland, but decided against it as I figured I'd probably look like some crazed fan-boy, which I'm not, having never read any of his books.

The thing always sounded fluffy and white-lightish, and that's exactly what it was. *sighs* It was very, very disappointing, and I honestly wouldn't recommend that anyone go to it. In fact, I'd probably recommend against it.

I was bored out of my skull at most of the booths. The only two that held any interest were the _midnightmuse_ booth (where we briefly discussed which of the paintings were art and which were not and Tina told me I should flirt later) and the Mystic Forest Treasures booth, where I talked for a bit with the owner.

There was an upside, though. I got to see a couple of people, such as ray716, duriyah, and _midnightmuse_, plus a few others without LJ accounts.

btw, I'm working on finding out about that sigil marking.
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