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Why I did on my WWF vacation, part I

My maternal grandfather, George Lee, was a man of good humour, but he was also a serious man. Occasionally, you couldn't tell if he was serious or if he was joking.

Once, he said to me that people didn't need to show up at his funeral; after all, he wouldn't be there.

He planned to be fishing.

Last weekend, while enjoying dinner with the other ten attendees at Walking With Fire, I remembered this.

It shot to the forefront of my consciousness, clearing everhthing else.

I sat quietly for a while. Dinner had just started, and I focused on this thought for the duration.

Why this thought, why now?

I think it was a call from him, a reminding that I am more like him that I realized.

Where will I be during my funeral? Well, I assure you that if there are people crying, I won't be there.

I'll be fishing. I know exactly where I can find a partner.
Tags: family, festivals, rituals
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