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Your mission, should you choose to accept it. . .

Please fire the following sigil:

1. Memorize the sigil
2. Obtain Gnosis
3. Forget about it

Okay, good so far. Now, what is gnosis and how do you obtain it?

Gnosis is the state in which your mind is completely free and open; vacuity. It is at this moment that you can re-imprint a new reality onto your brain, and by doing that, you create a new reality.

So how do you get to these states?

Orgasm is the easiest, quickest way to get there. At the moment of orgasm, visualize the sigil and let it imprint itself onto your consciousness.

You can also do it through all sorts of other nifty methods: watching TV for too long can induce a state of vacuity, for instance (which makes commercials particularly dangerous); repeated tasks can also cause you to reach gnosis; the way most of us are familiar with achieving gnosis is through religious worship.

So, good luck, and thank you for participating.
Tags: activism, chaos magic, voting
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