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I'm rather proud of that last entry. . .

Wow, that entry was pretty damn cool :) It's one of those things I like to write. I demand you read it. Now.

Anyway, had a blast at Gaelic Storm last night. 1/3 of the Grove was there. It was actually a pretty small affair.

I do suspect that the fact that Mercury is in retrograde has caused most of my car problems. It's just that no one else can come up with a freaking answer, so I'm going to take the goofiest one I can and run with it.

I'm done ordering flowers for the next few weeks. I've ordered too many, for too many different women. My credit card company is going to be seriously wondering what I did to piss off so many to the point that I had to order them all flowers in the space of 2 or 3 weeks!

Been working on the breathing Meredith posted to Dedicant's. Just too freaking short on time to post the results when I have my notes. By Monday, I hope.

The Buffett song "Mile High in Denver" always gets me thinking about that same girl. Every freaking time. I kind of like the feeling I get, though, so I love to play it. That, and I don't ever want to forget her.

Everything at work is running freaking slow. So, less work gets done. NP, I think. I'll just do something else.

Helping Brian move tonight. Tina may be going to Outlands tonight, but I'm going to use moving Brian as an excuse to crash hard rather than go play with the freaks. It's safer here.

Stupid customers.

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