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Passing some info on, if you're interested. . .

For those of you not yet tired of election stuff, or for those of you who just want an excuse to get mad, I present a little bit o' voter fraud:

Pre-Nov. 2 articles warning of the possibility of Electronic voting fraud and other problems:

Computer Voting is Open to Easy Fraud, Experts Say (New York Times)

Black Box Voting Blues (Newsweek)

How they Could Steal the Election this Time (The Nation)

More Problems Arise with Black Box Voting (USA Today)

Charges of Fraud and Voter Suppression Al
ready Flying

Twelve Ways Bush is Now Stealing the Ohio Vote

Voter Fraud and Disenfranchisement

See also

Evidence of Voting problems in the Nov. 2 Election

Massive Voter Suppression and Corruption in Ohio (Global Research, Canada)

Russian Observer Shocked by U.S. Election Procedures

Signs of Voter Fraud Appear (LA Times),0,1877750.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Black Box Voting declares 2004 Election a Fraud

Voting Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes (NBC)

Michael Moore's Election Watch, 2004, with reports of fraud f
rom every state

Ohio Voting Fraud reports

Evidence Mounts that Vote was Hacked

Florida Rigged the Optical Scanners

Votes Lost and Extras Counted in E-voting Errors

Kerry margins: Exit Poll vs. Actual Vote

Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair?

2004 Election Vote Fraud

Exit Polls and Actual Polls Don't Match

Fixed: The Stealing of Another Election

Voting Machine Controversy

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported (ABC News)

More Evidence of Voting Machine Errors

Lists of other articles on the subject:
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