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"Everytime you forget Poland, another Republican dies inside."

I'm rather proud of that little quote. . .

Anyway, while off at lunch today, I saw something very strange, and I thought I would share it with you all.

This weekend is the Big Game against Michigan. For those who are unaware (i.e. live under a rock on in the UK or something), Ohio State (my school) and Michigan (the "school from up north") have a pretty big football rivalry. It extends into other sports as well, but no one pays attention to the score of various fencing tournaments or synchronized swimming meets.

Anyway, the entire week before The Game, campus is a riot. There's free food, lots of stuff to do, a blood drive, and some of the strangest things you will ever see on campus. On Monday, I saw a bunch of 5th graders playing the Ohio State fight song on the steps of the student union on flutophones (kinda like a recorder), and they were damn good.

But today, as I strolled by the South Oval on the way to lunch, I caught something that sounded strange to my ears. Across the way, I saw figures in Michigan cheerleader outfits bouncing around and cheering something.

As I approached, I realized that these weren't girls in cheerleader outfits: they were men. And the outfits didn't fit well. At all. And there was a guy dressed up in priestly garb next to them. And they were all wearing giant crucifixes.

All that was strange. But it was the cheer that got me:

God is great, God is good!
He hath given us morning wood!

Damn train-wrecks, sometimes you just can't look away. Fortunately, I could keep walking, and by the time I left the Union, they were gone on their merry way. I don't know if they were just trying to promote God's wrath on anything Maize and Blue, or if there was some other, more seedy reason. Either way, I'm holding out for OSU to knock off Michigan, and was terribly amused.

I suspect that that vision is pretty well burned into my brain for a long time to come.
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