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What are you doing with your Thanksgiving vacation?

My basic plan for this weekend?

1) Show up at a UU church in Kansas City, KS for the following ritual:
Sun, Nov. 28th
4:00 - 7:00pm
Sharing Our Spirits Ritual (Giving Thanks)
Sharing Our Spirits, or SOS, rituals are co-created by all in attendance. While there is a facilitator from the ritual teams there, the idea is for everyone who comes that day to help design and build the ritual work, based on what the group wants and needs. Bring your songs, poetry, art, ideas, experience, or just enthusiasm for a wholy new experience!
This month's SOS has the theme of "Giving Thanks", in honor of the national holiday.

2) Get swept away by a bunch of crazy Pagans and find a Holy Grail.

3) Watch (and perhaps participate in) a wrestling match to find out where I sleep.

4) Wake up on Monday with a headache and a good story or three. Hope my friends have more mayhem planned, and gently untangle myself from other, various sleeping bodies.

5) Make a run for my plane, which departs MCI at 4:25 PM and lands in Columbus around 10 PM.

(Now, let's hope I can manage this, shall we?)
Tags: freedom, friends, rituals

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