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Update today. . .


I have the 10th of October off, so it's time to start work on finding a flight. I will be at the Harvard Celtic Colloquium this year. That's just too cool :) I should let Cei know. . .

I also need to find out if they're doing the Barbarian Conference again this year. It'd be cool to go back.

Look for a fairly large update to my website in the near future.

I spent last night carving Runes until 2:30 AM. I now have three wands and the first Aett of a set of Runes for divination. Some people may be getting some stuff in the future.

I so need to get a dremel tool. And I need to buy more ink and some more conte. Cuz I like the colouring job conte does. Now if only I could get it to stay on the rune. . .

While I've been thinking a lot about unresolved crushes recently, I never assume someone has a crush on me until they say they do/did. It'd be pretty damn egotistical of me to do that. I don't even take someone else's word for it. And I'm an honest freaking bastard, and I'll admit it if I'm asked about one.

My car has been better behaved recently. *jinx* I'm looking for a new one, and I think the bitch is jealous. *grins*

I have to send something to Denver. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking about flamingos, but they're so passe. (Yeah, it's to a certian chic.) No orchids. Not yet. Give me another year before I order another! :)

Psyche once told me that someone was in her shop raving about how cute I was. She wouldn't give up the name (or gender, since in the Pagan community, you have to be fair), but I've got suspicions. That was a few months ago, though, and none of those suspicions have been confirmed.

People don't understand my dislike for birthday celebrations, it seems. It's simple. I don't like being asked what I want, or when my birthday is. So don't. Find out through nefarious means. That way I know you care enough to *try*. This works out best for everyone, because then *no one* has to buy me anything, and I won't think anything less of them if they don't.

And if anyone tries to throw a party, I won't show up. If I get surprised, I'll turn around and walk out. That's all there is to it. If I want a party, *I* will plan it. And I will decide how presents work. Dammit.

And who the HELL is telling people I'm bi?!?!?!?! I'm not!!!! Really, honestly, and for true! I suspect it's someone in PSA, but no one can ever remember who said it! Not a single person! I'm starting to hear it all over the place now!

I like writing without a spell-check. It makes life so much nicer. . .

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