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For beginning Chaotes

Aspiring Chaos Mages should first think for themselves. Then they should read the following:

Theory by Fra. Palimpsest.

Go Underground and be a Chaos Magician by Joel Biroco. Read it, and then embrace it or chuck it.

Read this to fully understand results.

WTF is an Egregore? Read this and you might understand some of Rob Barton's annoyingly silly works with the same word.

Oven Ready Chaos, an online version of PH's Condensed Chaos.

Defining Chaos by Mark Chao, including a history of Spare.

AOS and His Theory of Sigils by Fra. U:.D:. - difficult but useful.

Psybermagick by Carroll.

Liber Null & Psychonaut by Carroll.

Prime Chaos by PH.

Pretty much, anything by Phil Hine or Peter Carroll.

Then read the rest of ChaosMatrix.

Then start thinking for yourself again.
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