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Hey, Kori, you reading this?

I've been having strange dreams lately, nearly all of them involving Kori.

*grins* I'll bet she's going to pop by now and read this (something she never does because she doesn't have an LJ I know about). Anyway, each dream is different. Some are just about hanging out, which is all too rare with her. Others are about things we've done in the past. Often, they've been about things that'll never happen. Last night it was about something we might do in the future (if we both happen to show up at the same place, which we often do).

Last night was about a walk in the woods that I've been meaning to take. Probably the weirdest thing about it is that I got the sense that we'd planned it. . . we never, ever plan anything. It's always a matter of random same-place-same-time stuff. But we met there, and we took a long walk up and down the hills at Tar Hollow state park. We talked and laughed. It was a good walk.

It was a terribly vivid dream.

I dunno. I'm just amused that she's been figuring into so many dreams recently, especially since we never plan anything together at all.
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