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Now, THAT was interesting

Got bored, so I thought I'd try this:


Original English Text:
I'm an American, and damn proud of it!

Translated to French:
Je suis un Américain, et fichu fier de lui !

Translated back to English:
I am an American, and rotten to trust of him!

Translated to German:
Ich bin ein Amerikaner, und ein faul zum Vertrauen von ihm!

Translated back to English:
I am lazy an American, and to the confidence of him!

Translated to Italian:
Sono pigro un americano ed alla riservatezza di lui!

Translated back to English:
They are lazy an American and to the confidentiality of he!

Translated to Portuguese:
São preguiçosos um americano e ao confidentiality do ele!

Translated back to English:
They are sluggish an American and to confidentiality of it!

Translated to Spanish:
¡Son inactivos un americano y al secreto de él!

Translated back to English:
They are inactive an American and to the secret of him!


I find what the French does to the statement the best!

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