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Oak Leaves arrives!

I got my most recent issue of Oak Leaves last night, and it contains what I think is the best article ever to grace the mag.

There's an article by m3ch called "Ratri". It's on p. 15. It's simply amazing. I was enraptured when I read the article: it flows beautifully, and it's got an intensely personal feel. Excellent work.

I was very happy to receive this one. Each issue just gets better and better. The old format is all good, too. I'm very happy to see it return to the original size; the half-sized book was just less than impressive.

I'm also very happy to see new names in the table of contents. It's no longer the same names over and over again.

Damnit, back to trying to get some stuff done for our lovely Editor-in-Chief.
Tags: adf, oak leaves
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