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From the BTC-10 Guide, 1944 edition, p. 20 - 24

Facts About Telephone Service

How to Dial: (1) Lift the receiver and deposit coin. (2) Listen for the dial tone, a steady humming sound. (3) When you hear it, place your finger in the dial opening over the first digit of the number, turn the dial around to the right until finger strikes finger stop, remove your finger and allow the dial to return to its normal position. (4) Repeat the process for the other digits. If you make a mistake, hang up, wait for your nickel to be returned, deposit it again and dial the complete number over.

Long Distance Calls: There are two types -- Station-to-Station and Person-to-Person. A Station-to-Station call is one where you ask to be connected with a certian telephone in a distant city, or certain residence, and can usually be completed quicker than the other type call. The charges begin when the distant telephone is answered. A Person-to-Person call is one where you aske to be connected with a particular person. The charges begin when the person you want reaches the distant telephone.

How to Place Calls: At Public Telephone Centers, long distance calls are placed with the operator-attendant by giving her the information as she asks for it. At other public telephones, dial 110 for "Long Distance," and when she answers, place the call in this manner--

Station-to-Station: give the name of place you are calling, then say "Station-to-Station." Next give the number of the distant telephone, if you know it; if you do't know the number, give the name and address under which the telephone is listed.

Person-to-Person: Give the name of the place you are calling, then the name and number of the person you wish. If you do not know the number, give the name and address under which the telephone is listed.

Lines Are Busy: There is such a heavy demand for the long distance telephone lines that traffic jams sometimes occur, especially after 7 p. m. Calls are delayed, and you may have to wait to get to a telephone.

We're sorry about these delays. We wish we could handle every call promptly. But the raw materials needed to build the lines to handle all long distance calls quickly are going to war instead. So we are doing the best we can with the lines we have. You can help the service for everyone generally, including yourself, by following the suggestions on the next few pages.

Long Distance Tips

Avoid the rush when you can. Although rates are slightly higher inthe daytime (except Sundays), calls usually go through quicker before 9 a. m. or between 5 and 6 p. m.

Call instead of being called. It's usually quicker to complete a call by placing it from the camp rather than have the folks back home call you. It's because they have a fixed location.

Have proper change to pay for the call, using as many quarters as possible. This tip applies to calls made at public telephones and at attended centers when operators are off duty, as operator-attendants will make cahnge and accept pay for your call during attended hours.

Wait near the telephone if your call is delayed. If you go away, the operator has no method of reaching you--and you may miss your call when it comes through.

If you're placing the call collect (you can do so when the called party is willing to accept the charges), be sure to tell the operator so when you place your call.

Plan your call in advance in order to say the most and "find out the most" in the shortest time. Being brief helps other fellows get a line quicker too.

If the operator sometimes asks you to limit your conversation to 5 minutes, it means that long listance lines to the place your are calling are extremely crowded, and that others are also waiting to get calls through. In such cases it will be especially helpful if you will be as brief as you can.

Call by number when you can. It helps speed up service in general.
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