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January 24th, 2005

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08:55 am - Some good news
Well, ADF is obviously doing something right.

We just topped 900 members. We've been growing quite a bit since June/July, I think. Or thereabouts.

Here's hoping that we'll be able to bring them the quality services and training they're looking for.
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Date:January 27th, 2005 10:37 pm (UTC)
consistent Office work

Damn skippy there. That team has done a lot of it. Looking at membership trends (what I've gathered), it seems that when the office practically went defunct, it set us back a couple years. On-time office work has certainly helped immensely.

I don't see the Guilds as doing a lot toward keeping membership #s high

In 4 years in ADF, I'm unconvinced that the Guilds are necessarily helpful to ADF. And I helped organize one, though I admit I did that for the lap dances (of which I have not received one yet).

Where have we been getting really good press lately?

It's a general feeling I've gotten from my home community (Columbus-area Pagans) and from things I've seen online. Nothing really concrete, but when people talk about ADF, they talk more about the good things than the bad things.

if we're getting good DP-supplementing articles in OL, that you point them out to me or convert them yourself

Np. Let me finish the current project and go from there.

if we get enough of these DP-supplementing articles, we may want to pull them out into their own DP supplement booklet/publication of some kind

Wait until you see what I've been working on. I might just send you what I have so far. . . It'll have all the articles (that I've found) that will supplement the DP. Once that's finished, we can look at what we have and maybe move on to putting something else together.

I'm honestly sick of seeing everyone's take on the virtues, and don't personally get anything out of them at all.

You're right. What I mean are "how to" articles. Not "here's what I think about X Virtue", but "These are ways of thinking about X Virtue", and "Consider the ways Virtue X was implemented here by this guy".

I've read too many DP virtues essays to ever advocate that they end up in OL :)

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