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I just found out that I can't make a couple of festivals.

I have vacation scheduled for Trillium (April 21-24, Cross Junction, Virginia), Desert Magic (May 5-8, Tucson, Arizona), Wellspring (May 26-30, Sherman, New York), Summerland (August 26-28, Yellow Springs, OH), and Walking With Fire (November 22-27, Vienna, Austria).

But I don't get to go to a couple of key ADF festivals, like Fall Fest (Sept. 15-18, Pennsylvania) or Three Realms (dates tentative, California), nor can I attend Modron's Gate (Sept. 22-25, Texas) or Elysium (neither of which is an ADF festival), either. Each of these festivals happens to fall within about a 4-week area in which I'm not allowed any vacation. The students get back on campus on Sept. 18, which means that we have to be ready for them, and we have to be available for them. I was also disappointed to see that Muin Mound Madness was cancelled for this year. Perhaps next year?

It doesn't really bother me that work keeps me here for that four week period (it's my job after all), but I really want to go to Fall Fest someday, and Three Realms has been high on my list for years. I heard about Modron's Gate last year, and it looked like an amazing festival. I've been to Elysium once, but it's the people who draw me back. But none of those is appearing to be in the schedule this year. Well, Three Realms still might, if it's scheduled on the right weekend.

Anyone want to go to a few of these festivals with me?
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