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"Something Involving Tentacles"

It's been a long day today, starting with getting up late, scraping the car, and sleepily wandering into work. See, I stayed up last night writing for Oak Leaves to re-fill some pages for #27. Didn't bother me too much, mainly because I wanted to write it anyway, and I got to sit with Tina while she wrote her paper.

But, through a day with stupid customers and not enough to eat, I've had a lot to get done. I need to take care of my taxes and send off my bills. *yawns*

But now I'm thinking about more concrete things. My presentation for the Pagan Student Association at Ohio State (osu_psa) is coming up shortly, and now that I have a new Necronomicon to fit into it, I need to update even more fun things.

But I'd like to take a moment to talk about this particular edition. It's written by Donald Tyson, a person whom I was not overly fond of to begin with. It's also the first edition of the Necronomicon to come from Llewellyn publishsers. . . Yeah, you thought they'd already covered this one, right? Not yet.

So there's two strikes against it right off the bat: a publisher I generally can take or leave and an author I don't care for. Hmm. . . So why am I doing this again?

Oh, yeah: the drive to make this presentation matter, despite the subject.

(For those out of the loop, the subject is "Something Involving Tentacles", and is basically all about Chaos Magic and the Cthulhu Mythos, and how they work together.)

In the end, I want a presentation that people will learn something from, even if I'm using subject matter that no one in their right mind would work with. I'm up to forty-six slides on PowerPoint and will probably double that before I'm done.

Is part of this a crusade to make more PSA topics worth going to see? Probably. Meetings need to be interesting and fun, but that's secondary to them being infomative. (btw, invicti_solis, that was a rockin' presentation)

So I'm setting about to get as much information as possible crammed into the two hours or so I'm going to have. As you know, it's given me some amusing nightmares, but one of my main points is, "Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it isn't real."

I wouldn't say I'm stressing over it, I'm just overly immersed in it. And I think that imersion will serve me well when it comes to this presentation. It's a topic I'm interested in, and I hope to convey some enthusiasm in the entire presentation.

But back to the Necronomicon.

I have to say that at first glance, I was rightly disappointed. There aren't silly, pretentious summonings or chants that goth-wannabe teenagers can use to scare their friends. There aren't tonnes of signs and symbols. There are, in fact, very few pictures at all.

But it's vivid. It's descriptive. It's basically a travelogue of the Mad Arab's travels from beginning to end (unfortunately ending before he's eaten by an invisible monster), and it's just fun to read. Tyson takes some liberties with the Mythos, but in general, he's pretty darn faithful.

It's not quite believable enough to fool a person, nor is it really horrific. . . but it retains a certain flavour that I appreciate.

But back to the descriptiveness. Recall the dream I wrote down about three entries ago: after writing it, I went back to read the chapter on Nyarlathotep. . . and I found that the dream was very close to the description given. I admit I'd been reading it just before bed that night, so you might expect that, but it turns out that it was a wonderful mixture of the description and my own mind working hard.

I shouldn't say that. . . "my own mind". . . for it indicates that it wasn't real, and I know better than to indicate that.

But in the end, that's how good his description of the wanderings is: you can feel as if you're there, and the visions have a way of haunting you.

For this, I approve of this book.

Say what you will about Necronomicons. This one's pretty nifty.

Oh, and my presentation at osu_psa is on Feb. 15, 8 PM, in Buckeye Suite AB in the Ohio Union. There will be some old-timers present. I requested that they attend rather specifically. (rfunk and nontacitare: wanna come down and make it a real reunion?)
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