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Searching for omens. . .

Sometimes, we become involved in things that we would rather see turn out differently. They make us feel powerless or weak. I am in such a position now, and so I look to the Gods for guidance.

I ask the runes to explain to me the current situation in my life, and what path I need to walk to work through it.

[symbol - rune: meaning - impression]

- Wunjo: joy, play, and happiness - a desire to do something with a sense of play.

- Hagalaz: destruction and sorrow - hurt feelings

- Jera: fruitful and fertile - a virtue?

The runes indicate that the situation was brought about in a carefree spirit of play, the desire to have fun. Problems were ignored as "unimportant" and perhaps there was an assumption that everyone else could take it lightly and as something "fun" as well.

This led to destruction and sorrow, apparently seriously hurt feelings and broken communication. I suspect that there's also an element of "breaking" with the idea that sometimes people won't take things seriously.

The course to take is one of a fruitful road that leads to good harvests and plenty: a solution for all that builds fellowship. A question I had was whether the appearance of a rune connected with the Nine Virtues would indicate that to find the road I needed to examine it through the lenses of virtue?

So I asked the runes to help me see the path more clearly:

- Ehwaz: horses, travel - "Harder on the horse"

- Tiwaz: justice and a guiding star - examples

- Fehu: wealth and generosity - the wolf in the woods.

The path is something I must travel, though I should take heart: others are ridden harder so that I don't need to be. Still, there is a responsibility to those others that I need to keep, much as the traveler has a responsibility to his horse.

Virtue and justice will play a big role, as will the shining example. Tiwaz could mean that I need to be that guiding star, or else that there is someone that I should look to.

The path is reciprocal and frought with danger that can eb a source of either great kinship, or great division. Generosity and hospitality will define whether this is kinship or division that we foster.

I requested any more information the runes might be able to give me.

- Kenaz: The ulcer - pain and stress

- Laguz: water overflowing - what flows?

- Suwilo: the sun - a good end.

The journey is dangerous and will be painful and stressful. It may leave permanent scars.

There is an overflowing, but whether this is the ulcerous condition of the blessings that come that flows, it cannot be said at this point.

In the end, though, the sun will come out, and it will be as good and right as it can for each person.
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