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A Hundred Thousand Lemmings Can't be Wrong. . .

!The Magically Delicous Survey with Extra Cool Questions!

Created by nirvan7201 and taken 1666 times on bzoink!

** Yourself **
How old were you when you lost your virginity?That's for me to know :)
Do you like your name? Would you change it if you could?I'm damn proud of my name, and am not interested in changing it.
If you actually be (not portray) a character in a movie, who would it be?Indiana. . . who else?
Would you rather be a Music or Film Star?Neither. Stardom isn't for me.
If you could live in anyones body for one day, who would you be?Tina's, as it'd help me understand things a bit better.
Would you never talk to your best friend(s) again for $1,000,000?Can I give them half the cash?
Would you live homeless in a foreign city for a year for $1,000,000?Hell yeah
If you could be best friends with anyone, who would it be?My best friends are already the best I could have.
Would you pull an Anna Nicole (marry someone really old for $$$)?Why not?
** Favorites **
TV Channel?no favourite. I flip.
News Source?
Alcoholic Beverage?mead
Vacation Spot?some beach, somewhere
Website (besides LJ)?
Radio Station?CD101
Movie (Drama)?Who watches dramas?
Movie (Comedy)?The Mouse that Roared
Movie (Action)?Raiders of the Lost Ark
Cuss Word?@%#$!
Girl Scout Cookie?Thin Mints
Candy Bar?Reeses PB cups
Ice Cream?vanilla
Pizza Place?Hound Dog's Pizza: Pizza for the People
Designer?Of what? I probably couldn't name one of any flavour
** The Or's? **
Gum or Mints?mints
Wal Mart or Target?whoever has a lower price
Pro Life or Pro Choice?I'm Anti-Pro.
Bush or Kerry?Bush won. There is no "or"
New York or Los Angeles?Chicago
Unattractive with a lot of money or Poor and Attractive?If money doesn't make one happy, I suspect that the obvious answer is "poor and attractive" will make you happy.
Plane or Road Trip?Road Trip!
Cruise or Backpacking?Backpacking
Polo or Tommy?Marco Polo was way cooler than the Tommyknockers
Year without Sex or Year without Friends/Family?No sex.
Cold Weather or Hot Weather?hot weather. . . It's amazing what girls pass off as a "bathing suit"
Rain or Snow?depends on the snow. And the Rain.
Lake or Ocean?Some swim in the ocean, some paddle in a lake. Neither appeals to me.
SUV or Sedan?Hiking boots.
** Dreams **all the time
Dream Car?Not needing a car is best
City to Live in?I'm happy here
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?a hot curvy redhead
Job?Something with summers off
Vacation?If reality could match my terminal daydream, life would be good
** Friends **
Besides A Significant other, Who you want to be on a desert island with?someone meaty and fleshy, just in case help didn't come before we ran out of food.
Who have you known the longest?Kori
Would have sex with if you could?Tina, of course.
Who Knows you the best?Tina, though understanding sometimes leaves something to be desired :)
Who do you wish you were closer to?healing_coyote
You won a trip for 4 to your dream vacation, who do you take?I'd put it up for auction on Ebay and make some cash. "Vacation" implies you come back.
You won the lottery, what would u give your friends?One must play to win. I believe that's the case, anyway.
Would you lie to protect a friend from being hurt?Yes.
Funniest Friend?jenarael has a habit of making me smile with her posts
Most Creative Friend?fred_smith. Who but another damn Chaote and Discordian ADF member?
Most Dependable Friend?On LJ, shizukagozen. Off, Brian.
** Randomness **Okay
What's your biggest pet peeve?Talking, not doing. Or else getting pissy about someone doing something you were talking about.
If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?Haggis
Capital of Kentucky?Frankfort
Favorite Saved by the Bell Episode?Um, I can't say I actually remember any complete episodes.
Favorite Cartoon Charecter?Underdog
Do you like Spongebob?Who?
Why do you take quizzes?A hundred thousand lemmings can't be wrong.
Did you see Passion of the Christ?No
Do you believe in the bible as the word of god?Which one?
Favorite Country (besides USA)?Canada. It's the only country that doesn't produce men with sexy accents that I need to compete against
Favorite Childhood Show(s)?He-Man. TMNT.
Do you or did you play with Dolls?If "dolls" includes army men, then yes.
Watch Porn?Not nearly enough, and probably too much.
American Idol?Erm, only because its time slot doesn't conflict with anything of interest
Buy food at the movies?Hell no, unless I'm feeling generous toward the establishment.

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